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Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be...

my summer thus far... sleepin in and swimming in my pool. not much else.
yuuuup... good times i s'pose.
people should call me to hang out, we could all swim.

i cleaned out my car! YAY!
it's not sticky anymore from random tea and honey spills.

boo pistons for losing last night.
yay for Jason Jarvi getting drunk. lmao

fireworks tonight. that was fun.
ended up with John, Nick, Anthony and his little sis, Sarah, Dan Boike, Dreea and the 2 adorable kids she baby sat, Lon(?) who brought a blanket, lol, and I saw Miguel which was flippin awesome.
John and Nick ended up coming over and swimming in my pool. Then me and John walked around a dead SCS from about 2-2:30ish. We almost got shanked AND saw a possum. lol.

I think I am gunna take a road trip next week one day and go to Cedar Point.
I don't care what day, which ever one is best for whoever else wants to go.
So if you want to go... comment.

Grad parties tomorrow....


and to those of you who it applies to.... July 15th isn't the choir party because it's Jarrod's grad party.
poo that, I know.
have no fear, we will come up with a date.
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