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i'm spoiled, by your love

I just sang at a friend of the families wedding and I feel horrible about it.
I HATE THE ORGANIST! He's a dick who doesn't give a shit about anything and changes keys and tempo's randomly.
I don't deserve $150 for that performance, and he deserves nothing.

An update a week... I'd say that's pretty good.

It's a small vocal jazz group taken out of the Macombers group.They sing a small set at all the shows accapella with tight harmonies and what not.I cannot WAIT to start!

I got a new laptop for my Birthday/Graduation.
I also had to use the $400 from community chorus on it, but oh well.
It's nice and I am in love with it. It's my new baby.

I have seen War of the Worlds and Bewitched this week.
I don't like sci-fi movies, but War of the Worlds was awesome.
Bewitched was just incredibly cute, and I wanna marry Nicole Kidman.

Dealey show down at the Shelter on Thursday.
I went down early with some of the band because I got ditched.
So I was down there like 3 hours early.
Aaron, Danny, Dan, and I went over to the Ren Center and got food and what not. It was soooo freeeekin funny. I love those guys. and Aaron and I got in trouble for him taking me in the guys bathroom with them. lmao. toooo awesome for words.
The show was awesome, as usual.
Mrs. Srot is my favorite mom of all time, though. She always hugs me and has like an hour conversation with me and what not. She told me I should have called and came down with them so I didn't have to sit down there for so long and told me that I was Dealey's #1 fan because I was always at the shows. tooo cute.
The Chasers were the headlining band of the night. They were cool.
I bought on of their CD's.

My grad party is July 9th, btw.
All are invited.
6 till whenever.

Today is my bestest friends grad party!! YAY BUTTFACE!
I am excited to see him family. :)
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