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i <3 my iPod

I got into a car accident last friday. My car is not totaled, but has been in the shop since last Friday and will be there until Tuesday. TONS-O-FUN!
Wenzel is a saint, however, and has been driving me to school everyday. WOO!
His classes start like 2 hours before mine, though, so I had to get up extra early and sit in his car and listen to my iPod and read yummy books.

(The storm siren is going off)

This weekend I have a horrible Kidney Infection. LOL.
After puking several times in the middle of Macombers rehearsal, I spent most of my day yesterday in the ER.
They asked me the best questions ever! If I thought it could be an STD.
If I used heroine or cocaine. If I was an alcoholic.
If I ever attempted to slit my wrists? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE PAIN IN MY RIGHT SIDE? LMAO
Oh well. WOO for drugs that make me feel better.

Other than these two rather big set backs, life is great.
I love school. I love Macombers.
Went to my first gay bar on Thursday. LMAO

Expressions is doing an accapella version of Respect. lol
I am one of the soloists.

Extra Thoughts:

I am watching Empire Records.
I <3 this movie.

I finally finished "The Half-Blood Prince."
I was heart broken and appalled and cried myself to sleep.

Anyone see Kelly Clarkson's horrible performance on the VMA's?
I was disapointed like woah.

I want Aaron to bring me the Cookie Batter Ice Cream thing.

I want to go shopping.

I hope buttface calls me for lunch.

I miss the LSHS choirs :(

I hurt. Leave me love.
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