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billy gilman is still alive?

Yesterday I ended up going to the Jazz Fest with my parents, and the Dentamaro's.
It was fun. We saw Dr. John, who my dad has already seen a billion times. he's so funny.
Me and Nick wandered down to Hart Plaza and sat on a wall by the river. It was smelly, but fun.
We ate dinner at Fishbones and watched Notting Hill on the car ride.
We lauged alot. Sometimes our family's get along tooo well.

I watched "Figthing Temptations" and "The Girl Next Door" last night with my mom.
Then I left at 1ish and went out with Aaron for a little drive.

Today I hung out with Nick. we got sub's and were driving down Beverly when who should be outside...
I freaked the fuck outta Nick and started screaching and hitting the window as we drove by and made him stop. We sat there and talked for well over an hour. It was nice... I miss her. <3

Attempted to sit out a Hold em' tournament at the Walsh's tonight, but I got bored.
Dave came and picked me up and we hung out for a bit.
He is a nerd. lmao

my kidney's hurt.
good night.
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