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walkin on, walkin on broken glass...

life is good right now. no complaints.

Happy Pants Off Week as of yesterday.
3 years ago this time, I spent all of my evenings in the EDHS auditorium with my pirates and fair maidens.

I GOT MY CAR BACK!! It's so pertiful.
I never wanna part with it again!
(unless it's for a Jeep Cheroke. hehe)

I skipped Music Theory and Ear training yesterday to go to LS with Jarrod to visit Show Choir.
I know, I'm a loser. BUT THAT'S THE ONLY PART OF HIGH SCHOOL I MISS! It's just cuz I love Ohrt and everyone so much. It was basically like we never left. Me and Jarrod helped teach choreography and stuff. lol. It was fun.
I got hired to go back every Monday morning to teach Chorale some of the dances because they are not doing so good.

My kidney's are feeling better.
I'm in the mood to party this weekend. WOOP
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