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it's a perfect shade of dark blue, dark blue...

yea... i suck at life.

since last real update I saw the amazing Ben Folds in concert... haha... what a trip.
however, I no longer even talk to my old friend David Wenzel because we hate each other or something. lol.
I hate being a Macomber. I love the people, hate the group and our shows and everything else.
Fall Extravaganza was.... eh. lol. good thing nobody really came.
I saw Harry Potter the day it came out and was kinda dissapointed with their lack of following the book. I have yet to see Rent.
I miss all of my friends and i have NO clue when the LS X-mas concert is.
I love my pookie.

I got an offer from a friend to go and audition for the musical "Cinderella" out at Ridgedale Players in Troy because he was auditioning for the Prince and we had been talking about how much we wanted to do a musical and that show choir just wasn't cutting in it.
So the day of the audition, I decided to go. I had nothing prepared or anything, no idea where I was going, and I got home from school late, so I had 20 minutes to get all the way out to Rochesters Rd. and Long Lake.
But I went, sang "I know the truth" from Aida, and read through some lines, did a Waltz, and a landed myself the freaking lead.
Yup... I'm Cinder-fucking-ella.

But... then God decided he hated me and crashed my car to unrepairable circumstances which leaves me in pain and with no way to get to and from this amazing oppurtunity out in Troy.
Or to school or work for that matter.
grr.... my life gets so good and then someone decides I don't deserve it and takes it all away.
Oh well... I'm not too bitter.
I will find a way to do Cinderella... I don't care.

I'm supposed to be up at Grand Valley right now with Nick, Harry, and Spencer, getting wasted, but I have no car to get there with.

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