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My Adventures in Wonderland

one pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small...

4 May
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Danielle Christine (dan·e·yell) n. Abbr. Danielle. (1)brown-eyed (2)brunette (3)singer, performer, actress (4)dorkus-maximus (5)fair-maiden (6)taurus (7)italian (8)friend, daughter, sister.
see also: MiaBella, Danie, B-bop, Bishop, Nell, girly-girl.

I love to sing. My favorite color is purple, but I am often seen in pink. I put cheese on almost everything, mostly in soup, which is my favorite food. I am a teeny-bopper at heart, with better taste in music. I don't like to play by the rules. I color outside the lines. I am strong willed. My confidence is often mistaken for cockyness. I won't change for anyone but me, and the people who don't like it can deal.
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