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the only thing worse than not knowing, is thinking that I don't know...

umm.. up until Friday, I have nothing much to report.
on the 4th I had some people over and we swam and stuff, that's about it.
Worked last week. That equals money which I can always use.

Friday I worked. But Friday night was RBF! WOO!
I drove Tab, Anthony, Kenny, and their cousin Brad down to St. Andrews.
It was soooo awesome. I can't decide if last summer's show was better or not...
But I was sooo close this time I could smell their breath... ridiculous. I pushed my way all the way up to front-center from like middle-right. HAHA.. That's right.
I'm a tougher broad than you think. Don't fuck with me.
I made friends with the guy behind me and we defended each others spots all night. He was sweet.
I also got kicked in the face by a dumb bitch crowd serfing with boots on.

Saturday morning I woke up nursing battle wounds for my grad party.
My family and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the last minute getting stuff set up. Does that suprise anyone? It sure as hell don't surprise me. That's always my family.
The party ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Even though I was crabby the whole time.
Thanks all that came, it meant a lot to me.
Screw all of you who didn't and don't have a good reason.
NATE WINN CAME! And he stayed for a couple hours, too! That made my night.
Ms. Ohrt came too! All us choir kids pulled out the old dances and put on a show for my guests. lol. It was a blast.
Afterwards the tossed me in the pool... fuckers. lol. Jarrod got put in too, though.
Girolomo cleared the party out with his Kareoking at like midnight or so.
But Jason Jarvi, Aaron, Miguel, and Mehgan(i know i spelt it wrong!) stayed till like 2ish playing uchre.

I am the proud new owner of a pink Mini iPod!
It was my late 18th b-day present from my Godparents from NY.
I have already filled all 4GB. :)

I am already off work for the day, so gimme a ring if you wanna do something.

the title to the song I am listening doesn't fit! WTF? how lame.
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