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good bye

Just FYI: The last post about not wanting to update ever... not an emo post and had nothing to do with lack of motivation in life, just not seeing the point in taking time out to update this thing on a regular basis.
But I decided since so many of us are going away again thanks to the start of a new school year, that this is the best way to keep up with everyone and see how they are adjusting.

Summer's basicly over, and I hated my summer. Not really for lack of fun, but mostly emotional turmoil.
Speaking of which... I have no idea how I feel about anything at the moment.
I am basicly numb.

Macombers had their woulda been retreat the last 3 days. Usually we go away to camp, but instead we went to the school every day at 8 and learned choreography until 5 with an hour break for lunch in between.
Twas actually kinda fun. Very productive. And I love the group tons.

I am very sick. Again.

I hate this so much. I don't know what to do, ever.
Every decision I make right now seems to be the wrong one.
I can't wait for school to start. I just need to be buried with work and Macombers.
18 credit hours should be enough to keep me busy.

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