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lets smoke pot

i have the most terrible short term memory ever.
and the shortest attention span.

me and mummy watched Gilmore Girls tonight.
i am in absolute love with that show. i think i might go and buy the seasons on DVD.
i really hope Roary doesn't give up Yale for her nasty boyfriend.

so unless i fail the pee-in-a-cup test, i have a job at Best Buy.
that will be pretty sweet cuz i need money, and i would work with Sarah.
i turned in an application at the ticket office at MCC and at PacSun, too.
any job would just be great right now.

i miss the following people:
Buttface, Duck, Dommy, Stephy, and Sarah.

i'm not in a good mood or a bad mood lately.
just really anxious i guess. something just needs to happen.
i cannot wait for NYC next year. ::crosses fingers::

i have a walk to take and italian homework to finish
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