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mah lovely lady lumps... check it out

i haven't been on livejournal in over a month.
no time, and i don't really care because most people just update with stupid pointless bullshit or they wine and complain about how everything sucks and yadda yadda. i went back and a few people's journals that i actually cared about, but if there was really something you wanted me to know, probably best to comment.

i just want to say that the stupid song about how that one band that likes all this random shit because it doesn't remind them of anything is just the dumbest song ever, and i hate it.
but not as much as Sherly Crow and her lame "good is good and bad is bad." i mean really... can we be anymore obvious? just die or something.

life is pretty good. really busy, but good.
working at Best Buy, school, Macombers.
i miss lots and lots of people, though.
The last 2 weekends i have rewarded myself though and gotten drunk and partied.
Saturday... omg. amazing. Went to a club with Jarrod, Jordan and his awesome friend Vallerie, got drunk, danced tons, and then went to some random ass hole in the wall after hours clubs for another hour and danced some more. i love gay bars.

so i am going to call aaron now and then go to sleep.
i love you all, or at least most of you, and you should comment with some love because i haven't talked to you in decades.
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