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...in the way she moves.

another update from moi! i know... crazy.
not much has changed.
Friday is a pay day, which means $300 in the bank, woo hoo!
I will need it for my trip up to WMU tomorrow to see the one and only... (drum role)
mmhmmm... this will be my, count them, 2nd time and he is amazing.
I'm going with Wenzle and co. It shall be fun.

I love not having classes on Friday, but I hate having rehearsal fo sho.
Oh well, lord knows we need. I am scared for our Fall Extravaganza. yikes.

speaking of which...
(Stephy, this is ESPECIALLY for you)
The Macombers big show this semester, The Fall Extravaganza, is Friday, November 18, at 7ish. I will make a bigger, more formal update with the rest of the details, but for those of you who already know, this will do. k? k.

still no complaints in the life of Danie B.
I am overworked, stressed, and always pressed for time, but I love every minute of it.
with my new healthy diet though, i have succesfully lost 4lbs and counting.
The only horrible part is the limit on time spent with old friends, or visiting friends away at REAL college. haha..

We had a show this morning at like 7am, which was kinda brutal, but way not as bad as the one on Sunday, drunk/hungover and working on 2 hours of sleep. I went to Coney for breakfast after though, and had me a tasty chilli cheese omlet... mmmmm.

My Auditions for the following schools are currently being sent in the mail to schedule:
Western Michigan University-
~Musical Theatre
~Vocal Performance
(still pretty positive I will chicken out on that one)

Central Michigane University-
~Vocal Performance/Music Education
~Still trying to get info on the Musical Theatre program.

Bowling Green State University
~Musical Theatre
~Music Education/Vocal Peformance

woo for leaving MCC

Sarah is home and I shall like to see her soon :)

*sorry Harry, I just got home and just got your message, and I have to up in 5 hours.
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