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shake that laffy taffy

the car accident= bad (obviously)
however... my new used silver(ick) 2000 Jeep Cheroke Classis= YAY!
for those of you who know me well, you know that I have been obsessed with Cheroke's since they came out, and, except for the silver part, I am sooo excited!!
i'm a big girl, now, too. i am paying for some of it. lol

AND... because I have a car, I can still be CINDERELLA!
double yay!

I might be recording a demo with an awesome Jazz Band over break. I can't wait!
It's with Steve and Sean, the guitar player and drumer from The Macomber's band.
they're good. they asked me a few weeks ago to be their singer and I am just absolutely stoked.
we're probably recording At Last, Summertime, Night and Day, and maybe The Girl from Impanema.
the idea is to send it out to random little Jazz Clubs or resteraunts and get good paying gigs and make some extra cash. woo...

I changed my work schedule from evenings to days over break so that I can go to rehearsals and what not for Cinderella. and I took Sunday's off completely! YAY!

the perk of being a music major- few finals.
all I have is an exam and an essay and since I'm a wimp and took voice lessons 1600, I don't ever have a jury.
the downfall of being a music major- all my classes are 1 or 2 credits- so I have to take double to make sure I have enough to be a sophomore next year.
19 credit hours next semester. boo.

i have a choir concert alllll the way out in Dearborn tomorrow... booo!
if expressions wasn't performing, i would not be going.

those of you returning college kids BETTER call me to hang out!
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